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Would you like to open your own point of sale as a Daskalidès partner? You can count on our full support! We will assist you in your search for the perfect location, the purchase or leasing of your space, the interior design and the introduction to our product range.


You will become our sales partner and not a franchisee

It is important to understand that as a partner, you will not be required to make minimum purchases or pay management fees. Moreover, there will even be no royalties. In brief, you will become a real sales partner and not a typical franchisee, however you will benefit from serious marketing support from our side. Naturally, you will only sell Daskalidès chocolate products. But you can enlarge our assortment with other qualitative and artisanal products such as a selection of coffees, teas, biscuits, macaroons, pastries, ice-cream, sugar beans and local sweets. This product diversification creates an extra dynamic in your offer and permits you to increase your turnover outside the traditional chocolate sales period.



We are open to discuss different concepts for the points of sale. Some of the possibilities are:

A fully equipped shop.
A shop in the shop.
A kiosk, e.g. in a shopping centre.
A chocolate room where our chocolate is not only sold,
but also consumed, e.g. with a cup of coffee.
An armoire.

Interior decoration

Regardless of the concept, the interior decoration will be done by the contractor of your choice, according to the guidelines of your own appointed interior designer. We do not impose strict obligations however it is important to create a Daskalidès signature throughout the different points of sale. All concepts – from shop to armoire – must have the same Daskalidès design, look and feel, achieved through the use of specific materials, shapes and colors. The use of our logos and graphic elements contribute to this and are the finishing touch for a successful concept.

Product knowledge

Before you embark on your adventure as a Daskalidès partner, you will be fully immersed in our product range under the guidance of our maître chocolatier. He will help you discover the taste, shape and colour of each praline, goodie, bar etc. As a result, you will know exactly how best to advise your customers on their purchases.

Marketing support

As a partner, you’re not on your own. We will support you every step of the way, from the opening of your point of sale to the year-round design of thematic posters or folders. Besides that we add your contact details on our Daskalidès website. Obviously, we will also advise you on the best way to decorate your shop window and to communicate with your customers.

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We thrive when coming up with innovative ideas but also understand that a smart concept should be supported with measurable results.

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