Daskalidès endorses the Quality Partner Program (QPP) set up by Barry Callebaut, the market leader in quality chocolate. The aim of this initiative is to support cocoa producers – local farmers with small-scale production – and to make their economic activities more sustainable.

In doing so, we want to contribute to visibly better quality for our cocoa. After all, there would be no chocolate without cocoa. By producing cocoa of even better quality, the farmers can increase their earnings and consequently enjoy a better quality of life. And let’s not forget that to make top-quality chocolate, we need top-quality cocoa beans.

QPP is a unique collaboration which benefits everyone: the farmers have better prospects for their quality of life and you can savour unforgettable chocolate moments. As producers of quality pralines, we feel it is our duty to contribute fully to QPP. By purchasing our products, you help us support sustainable chocolate production.

Choose Daskalidès: you’ll enjoy the best pralines and at the same time help local cocoa-producing farmers.

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